Nigeria: Government by Gunmen

Nigeria’s government rehabilitate “repentant” Boko Haram members and negotiate with bandits with lots of cash. 
It even says that a former killer of soldiers and civilians can be president as long as he/she repents. 
Even President Buhari once said that an attack on Boko Haram was an attack on the North. 
Nasir El Rufai, Kaduna state governor, is as far at sea as the federal government. Mr Rufai won’t negotiate with bandits but he has been known to pay and  defend killer herdsmen. 
On July 14, 2020 Lieutenant Tolope Oritole, then 25 and a female combat pilot, got killed in very questionable circumstances in her barracks in Jaji.  Her offense? She was getting too close; knew too much. 
And there is Captain Balarabe who ordered soldiers to kill police officers who arrested Wadume, a known kidnapper. The case has simply died. 
And very recently, revelations came out that Nigeria’s minister of Communication and Digital economy, Isa Pantami, has ties to Al Qaida and Taliban, among others. The government has kept quiet. 
People want Mr Pantami out of office and possibly prosecuted. But this won’t happen. He seems to have been rewarded with that office precisely because of his beliefs. 
And so, Nigeria has a government of gunmen. 
A few questions :
How are the bandits, Boko Haram ,herdsmen and kidnappers, etc able to charge their phones, operate bank accounts, buy petrol and weapons, etc? 
It is not known that a bandit has either been killed or arrested. Same story is true of herdsmen killers. In fact, Nigeria’s military often rise to defend them. 
It is obvious from the foregoing that Mr Buhari’s government has everything to do with why Nigeria has become a daily human abattoir among other gruesome crimes. 
You’d truly run out of fingers and toes if you count the number of attacks blamed on “gunmen” as “breaking news” in Nigeria. 
For example, 23 students of a private university in Kaduna state were Wednesday kidnapped. 800 million Naira is what the abductors are asking . In the same state, 39 mostly female students of another college are still in captivity since March 11.
In the same Kaduna, another set of gunmen attacked a hospital Thursday (today ),killed one guard and took away two nurses. In broad daylight !
In Niger state, gunmen are able to attack army formations, kill soldiers and go away in military vehicles. 
As things degenerate, more and more tribes no longer want to be a part of the country. 
Each region or state has its own defence force and it’s clear that the principal enemies with which they must  contend are government backed criminals. 
That Nigeria has collapsed is a very  lenient description but the sad part is that gunmen are the rulers of what is left of the former giant of Africa

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