Pantami: When Denial is not Enough

About an hour to writing this, I read (for probity’s sake) the Wiki page of Nigeria’s minister of Communication and Digital Economy, Isa Pantami, which was surprisingly enough, edited 3 hours prior.
That he is something of a religious zealot is advertized in the bio but religious zealotry is not a crime. Unless!
Mr Pantami, whose real name is Isa Ali Ibrahim and holds the Islamic title of Sheik, is in the news because he is alleged to have sympathies for terrorist organisations and according to the “source”, Daily Independent, he is on a ‘US Watch’ list. 
The veracity of the accusation is not unassailable but the minister has done precious little to do that. He has offered no tangible rebuttals. 
Reports say his lawyers have threatened to sue the paper (April 12) if it doesn’t offer a refutal, do so in 5 newspapers  and a mea culpa in 24 hours. It’s been days and it’s not known that a confession of guilt has been made.
I have tried very hard to avoid rushing to judgment but Mr Pantami is no ordinary Minister. He over sees Nigeria’s data systems and keeps tracks of citizens records. A religious bigot should not even be handling that in a multi -ethnic and diverse country like Nigeria. 
The accusations are very heavy and in a normal society, Mr Pantami would resign to allow for an investigation. But sadly, this is a warped  government where positions are a reward for capabilities in socio political damage. 
Mr Pantami shouldn’t still hold keys to Nigeria’s data at a time when bandits, kidnappers and mass murderers rule Nigeria. 
Mr Pantami shouldn’t be in charge of Nigeria’s data when all heads of Nigeria’s military share his religious zeal.
Some have gone as far as suggesting that the lift on the ban on new SIM registration is to placate Nigerians and take attention off the accusation.
The U.S. state department has neither confirmed not denied the charge. Mr Pantami’s handlers, too, are sort of mealy- mouthed as they know that in today’s Nigeria, things like this go away on their own. 
Does Mr Pantami have affinity for terrorists ? I don’t know. Is he guilty? Anything is possible. But one thing is pellucid: Mr Pantami has been stained and for that reason, he should not have custody of Nigeria’s data. 
This is a dangerous time for Nigeria and it will be very tragic if the enemy is from within. 

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