Buhari: The Running Man

In a 1987 movie set in a dystopian America, a falsely convicted policeman (Arnold Schwarzenegger ) gets his shot at freedom when he must forcibly participate in a TV game show where convicts, runners, must battle killers for their freedom.

In a similarly dystopian but deadly, real life Nigeria, Mohammadu Buhari, its harried president, runs to London even as his country is ablaze on all fronts.

Its economy is in perdition, government sponsored jailbreaks are rife, its army fight on the side of herdsmen terrorists who massacre villagers, farmers and burn everything .They also shield bandits and other killers. The tale of woes is endless and utterly heart breaking.

In the movie, the runner hopes for freedom but no so for Mr Buhari. First,his minders announced in 2020 that there’d be no more medical trips for “Mr President and members of the Villa”. But no one takes Mr Buhari’s word for it. He and his party ,APC, are notorious for breaking promises. And so, in the wake of more mass kidnappings and  killings across the country, Mr Buhari fled to London ostensibly to “see his personal doctor” but he has been trapped in his official lodge in London by protesters led by Mr Reno Omokri, one of his nemesis.  
His minders responded by organising paid pro -Buhari protesters which went horribly awry. To manage the PR crisis, the story changed. Namely, that “the president is in London for a short rest”. His unhappy citizens (almost everybody ) wonder why he’d need a rest as he does nothing even when he is in  Nigeria.
Sadly,unlike in the movie, Buhari is running away when Nigeria is really bleeding from very pore. The pains are real, the tears overflow and the horizon is very dark and gloomy. 
Now, nearly all the parts that make up the once promising nation want to separate.  
And because Mr Buhari has run away, members of his cabals act with renewed impunity. The rule of law doesn’t exist. Like I said, reports say Nigeria’s military fight along side bandits. 
As Mr Buhari runs always, more people die from suicide, massacres and  kidnappings.  More lose their jobs and businesses. As he runs always, prices have gone beyond the sky and keep going. As Mr Buhari runs ways ,Naira, Nigeria’s currency  sheds value daily.
Over the weekend, the southeast governors laughed a joint securty outfit, “Ebubeagu” as violence and lawlessness envelope the region. The South West has done the same months before now with Amotekun. Yet, the killings continue. 
As it is, citizens must defend themselves even as they face army- grade criminals. Nobody is sure of anything except uncertainty. 
It is not known when Mr Buhari will return home but Nigerians are not looking forward to it if only because while caged in Aso Villa, he seems to be a running man as he is currently  cage in London. 
In the movie, the person that hopes for freedom is the cop that was falsely convicted but in the abyss that’s Nigeria, those who seek freedom are the trapped milions of citizens who had Mr Buhari foisted on them as president. Nigeria, it now appears, needs freedom from the running man. 

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