Insecurity: Unto Nigeria, Too Much Blood is Taken

In the good old days, you could drive between Abuja and Kaduna with your eyes practically closed. The road was like a runway. And you could do that at midnight. 
But all that is gone now as the only way through the two cities is now via Chinese made trains that have begun to break down in the middle of nowhere. Or you might fly for 8 minutes at the cost of the nation’s minimum wage. 
If you choose to take the road, you’d assuredly be kidnapped by “bandits” who somehow have rocket launchers. A brigadier -general was kidnapped on the road in October and was killed even after the family had paid ransom. 
The story of deaths and allied crimes are everyday and everywhere in Nigeria but has been brought into sharp focus by the gruesome mass murder of 110 farm workers in Borno by Boko Haram last Saturday. They had their throats slit like rams .
The World Terror Index, 2020 has Nigeria as the world’s 3rd most dangerous country . Yemen, Libya, Syria etc are far safer places. 
Mr Buhari’s government is,as expected, helpless and doing nothing. A raft of Mr Buhari’s people, those who brought him to power,  have called for his resignation.  
One will run out of fingers and toes were one to count the number of people who are killed or kidnapped daily. It’s a reality Nigerians have painfully reconciled themselves to.
The very partisan army is useless.  Below is a cut out from a remark by John Campbell, a former US ambassador to the country.
With some eight hundred casualties in 2020, the Nigerian army has withdrawn into fortified bases, thereby reducing their deaths but ceding control of the country side to violent armed groups—mostly jihadi, but also criminal outfit”
Mr Buhari has refused to replace the heads of the armed forces even though that’s overdue. The reason is that the interest that rules  the failing nation needs the armed forces to stay in power. 
Its badly motivated police has practically stopped working after a popular protest- #EndSar, in October. 
People are killed on the high ways, bus stops, farms ,etc. No where is safe and people are taking to self help (Vigilantes )
Mr Buhari came to power when the soap was sold that as a former soldier he would end the killings that Jonathan couldn’t stop.
As with everything Buhari, it turned out that he is more of the problem than a solution. 
Guns are still illegal in Nigeria but as things worsen, most people would have no choice than to defend themselves .
But for now, Nigeria is a killing field while the government watches helplessly. 

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