Biden Wins,Trump Loses: Nigeria is Transformed

Below is what is obvious so far in the morass that’s the current US Elections. Worse case scenario:  Trump is the president of United States until January 20. He will wear the title for life and him and his children will be guarded by the Secret service forever.  He is a billionaire and so are his children.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden has brought down the prices of rice, beans, oil, cement, etc in Nigeria. He has also stopped Fulani terrorists, fixed all Nigeria roads and  paid all university lecturers who last night resumed classes.

Police are back on the streets with higher pay and they no longer take bribes.

Also, Boko Haram and bandits have surrendered to the President -elect ,it is now very safe to travel at night anywhere in Nigeria.

Biden is also doing a live interview with Buhari today and all journalists are invited to seat with Buhari at the lawn. Osibanjo is now free to visit the South.

Oh, Joe Biden has ensured that the national assembly of Nigeria is independent of Buhari. He has also told Buhari to change the heads of the army, navy, air force, civil defence, immigration, Customs, NPA, etc to Southern Christians. Kaduna Christian villages are being patrolled by the U.S. Marines as ordered by Joe Biden.

And the show gets better :

Joe Biden has ordered the US Federal reserve to make one dollar equal to a naira.

He has opened the borders and all his supporters in Nigeria can go without visas.

Joe Biden has cancelled all the debts Buhari took.

Speaking of money,  Biden has cancelled all bank charges in Nigeria and has also ordered the review of stamp duty and VAT to 0%.
On his orders too, petrol is now 20 naira per liter while diesel and Kerosene are 10 Naira each.

Finally, he has promised, like Trump before him, not to take a salary even though has has been milking the system since 1972 when he entered the Senate. All his supporters in Nigeria have thus been asked to send their account numbers where he will share his salary and allowance.

Finally 2, nothing has changed.

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