#VPdebate : Kamala Harris Didn’t Make the Cut

Last night’s Vice Presidential debates didn’t help the Democatic nominee, Joe Biden as his running mate couldn’t  answer or deflated very important questions. Mike Pence, on the other hand, offered a cool and measured counterpoint to President Trump who is perceived by millions as erratic and unpredictable.

Ms Harris, a former California State attorney is not in the good books of So many people because of her record for putting away blacks and Hispanics in prison for minor offences 1,500 of whom are still in incarceration.

She is also flippant and has joked that late rapper, Tupac Shakur is “my favourite rapper alive “.  And she could be commander in chief !

She is also not able to extricate herself from the current riots in America as she has given bail money to arrested protesters most of whom are violent.

Very often, the running mate or even a vice president is an unused spare part but Joe Biden is not only old but frail. Thus Ms Harris could be president .

Chris Wallace, a Biden ally who moderated the first presidential debate admitted that last night was a “an even tie”,and that says a lot. In plain language, Mike Pence won the debates.

Below are some interesting polls. 
USA Today had Pence at 60% while Harris capped at 26.
Reuters was more lenient: Pence at 62 and Harris at 38.

Senator Lindsey Graham couldn’t hide his joy.
“An outstanding job by Vice President @Mike_Pence showcasing the differences between Trump-Pence and Biden-Harris.
Mike Pence was calm, informed, and made a lot of sense.
A home run tonight for the Trump-Pence ticket!”

Even Trump’s media nemesis, CNN “she didn’t get a lot of help from the moderator.” In Republicanspeak, Chris Wallace helped Joe Biden.

Some have said that the decision to change the debate rules, i.e ,virtual, was informed by Ms Harris’ performance.  

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