Ondo Elections: US Issues Fresh Threats

Perhaps following the success of the governorship elections in Edo state, South South Nigeria, on September 19, the US  government this morning issued a statement that threatens stringent punishments for those who “undermine democracy across Africa”.
Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said:”The United States is committed to supporting free and fair elections, including the upcoming elections across Africa. We will not hesitate to consider consequences – including visa restrictions – for those who undermine democracy.
Similarelections come up this Saturday in Ondo state, Western Nigeria. Very often, those polls are marked by killings, government thuggery and outright rigging. 
Prior to the elections in Edo state for instance, the US government warned that it would deal harshly with those who would try to interfere by way of violence. While not perfect, the election turned out to be the most peaceful, by Nigeria’s standards,in a long time.
Some Nigerian politicians are already on visa bans for their roles in previous polls. For this reason, the latest warning will be taken seriously. 

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