Power : The Dumb and Ambitious

In every society and  ages, all types of people aspire to and sometimes get to power. The smart and  lazy, smart and  ambitious, dumb and  lazy and the dumb and ambitious.
Of the foregoing, woe is the society that gives power to the last category. The dumb and ambitious. 
But a quick aside. 
In 2014, Nigeria’s budding opposition, the APC, typed up a -one -page manifesto. It promised to do 16 things. 
Item 6 ,for instance? Stabilize crude oil prices at $100 per barrel. Just when you think this was enough warning (dumb and ambitious ),consider item 11. 
No Nigerian will go outside the country for medical treatment. 
The rest, as they say, is history. But back to the dumb and ambitious type of aspiring leader (s)
This type is tolerable as a pesky opposition – they often are able to  jar you (president, for instance) loose from false assumptions. 
But the point where they stop being useful is reached when their egotism leads them to claim expertise and to accept tasks beyond hard work and their dumbness. 2015 Nigeria looking familiar? That might be my point. 
Very worthy of note is that they are also so insecure that they do not work well with strong, capable lieutenants. Remember Nigeria’s former senate president Bukola Saraki,Shehu Sani, Dino Milaye, etc?  
And their overbearing (often ill-disguised) conceit doesn’t bring them real close to those who work under them. And so, there is constant tension, betrayals, etc.
One more thing. The dumb and ambitious usually begin their quest for power with flattery and will accept every insult. They will also reconcile with former enemies who will still mistrust one another. 
Unfortunately, this class of people do not have enough smarts to keep their ambitions in check. And so, when they succeed at getting power, they wreck everything just to prove they can do things differently. All of them are basically disloyalty, to begin with.
They want to control, to rule, but they lack the tools. 
Oh, by the way, of the 16 items on Nigeria’s APC’s list, none has been redeemed. As a matter of fact president Buhari had to spend, at a stretch, more than 90 days at a London hospital. As for crude oil prices ? Nigeria is not an oil monopoly: even Saudi Arabia has to fight for market share with lowered prices. 
Finally, what do you do when you are saddled with the dumb and ambitious ? Nothing but wait. It is too late to fetch the salt after the meal has been eaten.

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