#BBNaija & Fr.Mbaka: A Priest Confesses

Largely due to a  crippled economy and dismal security situations ,Nigeria’s collective sense of self -awareness appears to have vanished.  
#BBNaija, a show about nothing, that describes itself as “reality tv”, for example, has more people engaged than they care about their own lives and those lost hourly to domestic terrorists, bandits, bad cops etc.
They even worry less about the fact that school isn’t re-opening or that most of the nation’s doctors and lecturers are on strike. 
Yet the show has caught a big fish. Controversial priest, Fr. Ejike Mbaka, has joined in the army of Nigerians who find real life too excruciating and must seek reprieve in entertainment, how ever sordid. 

Just when “spiritually” inclined people call for the cancellation of the annual show, Mr Mbaka lends a helping hand. 
Sunday, in a sermon, the priest “condemned” one of the participants and “praised” another. 
Look at what she was calling the other young man, ‘idiot’, ‘you are an idiot’ and the whole world was watching. And the person she was calling idiot gets more votes than all of them, the boy did not even respond to her”.
And for good measure :
Look at Erica with all her beauty and all her beautiful dances, then look at her in the next ten minutes, she becomes cantankerous and pugnacious and in her cantakerousity and pugnacity, she will lose that 85 million”.

Yeah, 85 million votes even though no Nigerian president has got more than 22 million votes.  And how did Mr Mbaka know ? We shall get to that part. 
Nigeria’s media, regular and the not-so-regular, are alight. Most hoping for clicks more than anything else.  

Mr Mbaka first shot to  notoriety when he “prophesied” that Mohammadu Buhari will be president. Since then, Mr Mbaka has been used to endorse very bad news. Sometimes, against his own people, Ibos. 
The show and Mr Mbaka are truly emblematic of all that has gone wrong with Nigeria. Absolutely vapid, the annual event puts young men and women together in one house for weeks. Surviving depends on a housemate’s ability to be brazenly vulgar, lack morals and have the IQ of a duck. And in the end, one of those gets a grand prize. Again, remember that the completion is about nothing. 
Finally, why did a very well-known reverend Father follow a show as though he is one of the producers ?
Well, post -Covid, church attendance has been low and one must keep one’s faithfuls even if it means telling them what they want to hear. Empathy ? No. Money ? Perhaps.  
Speaking of money, it is very possible that the show’s organizers arranged for Mr Mbaka to be an avid fan. Again, for money. But I could be wrong. 

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