Nigeria High Commission, Ghana: A Former Giant is Demolished

On Friday, June 19, on the orders of an Osu Chief, the Nigerian High Commission (Embassy) was demolished. Reports say that an excavator ran through parts of the building with the Nigerian flag and coat of arms in full glare. The attack was unchallenged. The chief says the land housing the building belongs to his ancestors. 
Reactions from the Nigerian government range from the overly  tepid to the truly effeminate. 
The president, Muhammadu Buhari, has said nothing. Its docile national assembly “queried” Nigeria’s foreign affairs minister, Geofrey Onyema and  suggested that Ghana’s embassy in Nigeria be demolished. It has since gone to sleep.
The resident’s pipemen say that President  Nana Akufo-Addo has called Buhari to apologize- Five days later!
That appears to be the end of the matter. 
The Demolition of the embassy is a systematic pattern of disrespect for Nigeria since Mr Buhari came to power. In May, 2018, a Congolese, Jean-Claude Okito ,ordered the eviction of the Nigerian ambassador to DRC, Olusola Orevba along with his staff. Nigeria held the peace like a frightened hen. Then in August, 2019, a replacement ambassador, Ibim Charles, was thrown out of a new embassy location in Kinshasa, DRC. Again, Nigeria’s government didn’t react. These stigmas also happen aroud the time that South Africans were killing Nigerians for which Mr Buhari will visit and applaud President Cyril Rhamaphosa. 
And back to Ghana :
Ghana thinks nothing of Nigeria. In fact, president Akufo-Addo joked to Jonathan in 2018 at an even in London that Nigeria “was a cow country “.
History repeats itself but man hardly learns from in. In 1984, General Mohammadu Buhari, Head of State, crated Ghanaians who were economic refugees in trailer-lorries and forced them back home in what is known as “Ghana Must Go”. 
Today, more than 3 decades later, Nigerians are economic refugees in Ghana.  What’s more, Mr Buhari is in charge of Nigeria. 
Why did a very promising nation, one that actauly led the fight to free South Africa and much more decline to nuisance value ? In less than 5 years?
Below is a tweet from Femi Fani-Kayode reminiscing about the days before Buhari’s government and one that sorta speaks the minds of Nigerians :
Nigerian traders in Ghana have had their shops forcefully shut for the last 8 months. Now our Embassy in Accra has been demolished & embassy staff threatened with violence. I assure you that Ghana would not try this if Nigeria had a President or if OBJ or Abacha were in power.”

I can posit that one of the answers is that the Nigerian government beginning from 2015 didn’t actually know why it came to power beyond a desire to taste power. Once received, it had and still has no idea what to do with that power. 
Another possible answer would be that other African nations have seen through the pretense that is Nigeria ,a nation which makes nothing. A nation which can’t convert its cheap crude oil to petrol. 

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