Nigeria’s APC is about Disbanding With Help From Its Chairman and Tinubu

Nigeria’s ruling party, the APC ,a coalition of former enemies, is about to dissolve after 5 years of mutual distrust. 
In Lagos, one of the founders of the Party ,Bola Tinubu, a former governor, is at war with the Speaker of Lagos state house of assembly, Modashiru Obasa.  Mr Tinubu has also lost the loyalty of Nigeria’s minister of interior,Rauf Aregesola. 
Mr Tinubu is nursing an ambition to succeed current president Mohammadu Buhari  but he is more notorious than popular in Nigeria.Thus, a lot of people will love to see him fail.
In Edo state, South South, Adams Oshiomole, Chairman of the APC, doesn’t want the governor, Godwin Obaseki to go for another term. He, like Tinubu, intends to install a stooge that will do his bidding. 
The mode of the primaries to select who represents the Party in the up-coming governorship election is turning into a full blown war.
Mr Oshiomole, like Tinubu, is more notorious than popular. Nigerians tend to blame the two men for imposing Mr Buhari on them.
The primaries in Edo state begins on June 22 and it should should take about a week.People predict that it will be bloodshed as neither faction can afford to lose .
A loss might mean prison for the chairman who was almost arrested last week on allegations of fraud. 
And the governor has put a very stringent measure on public gathering on the state. Normally lawless, governors know when to use the constitution to their advantage. The Quarantine Act gives near- absolute powers to Mr Obaseki and would restrict movements of Mr Oshiomole and his men.

Back to lagos, Mr Tinubu, powerful and very rich, tried to effect the removal of the Speaker. It didn’t work. EFCC, Nigerian anti-corruption agency,has refused to prosecute Speaker Obasa. 
Reports say that Rauf Aregesola, a muslim ,has been recruited by higher powers to end Mr Tinubu’s dominance of Lagos and out an end to his ambitions. 
Should Oshiomole and Tinubu fail and fall, APC would wear a new face. 
Nigeria’s media reports that Mr Oshiomole no longer draws the sort of water he once did while Abba Kyari was alive.Mr Tinubu might have found some enemies he didn’t know existed.  
For an African arrangement, APC perhaps lasted too long.

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