Afghanistan: How Trump Fooled Newsweek and co.

On the eve of Thanksgiving, U.S .President, Donald Trump, posted a photo of his head in a Sylvester Stallone’s body in the boxing movie, Rocky.  And so, everyone else pretty much thought they had him figured out. Newsweek predicted how Trump would spend Thanksgiving.  They have him figured out. 
HOW IS TRUMP SPENDING THANKSGIVING? TEETHING, GOLFING AND MORE“”As with any other day of the year”, wrote Jessica Kwong with the caption above, “Trump will probably be tweeting, gulfing or expressing his opinions in another way”.
Newsweek has never been so shamefully wrong in the more than a hundred years.
Trump was actually spending time in far way Afghanistan visiting American troops. He also met with the Afghan President, Ashraf Ghani, where plans to restart peace talks with Taliban were discussed. A cut in the number of US troops is also in the pipeline.  
And thus, Donald Trump managed to be at his resort, flew 13 hours non-stop on a dangerous mission and made a state visit in one day. Without the media getting a whiff of it.

“There’s nowhere I’d rather celebrate this Thanksgiving than right here with the toughest, strongest, best, and bravest warriors on the face of the Earth.” 
Trump ,tweeted, eventually. Below is a blow by blow account of how Trump turned the tables on the so called main streams media.:

“Air Force One touched down in Afghanistan at 11:03 AM EST after a 13 hour overnight trip from JBA.  Details of how POTUS snuck out of Mar a Lago are still a secret, but he flew out of an undisclosed airport in Florida on an off-the-record plane at 7:20 PM EST Wednesday evening

“It was bare-bones, except for four blue leather chairs and a moderately fancy port-a-potty that had been brought in for the occasion.

“”Security precautions were taken to the extreme.  Everyone’s cellular devices, including the handful of senior White House officials on the flight,  were taken before boarding the plane.  President Trump greeted the crew and even stayed in the cockpit for takeoff.

“After landing at JBA at approximately 9:30 PM EST, the President boarded Air Force One, which was hidden inside a hanger instead of being lit up as usual on the tarmac.  AF1 was wheels up at 10:08 PM EST with all interior lights off and windows drawn.

“To keep suspicions at bay, the White House scheduled tweets to be sent from the President’s twitter account during the many hours that he did not have access to the internet.

Source: “White House Pool”.

Just like in the movies, huh! Seriously though, Trump has forced the media to reinvent themselves precisely because they thought knew him. 
Just like they got  wrong in 2016, they will be wrong about him again and again.  
Finally, perhaps it’s time for Jeff Bezos and Jeff Zucker to accept that Donald Trump is president and they are not.

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