Lawan: A Reminder Before We Are Hanged

I understand that senator Ishaku Elisha Abbo  who allegedly beat up a nursing mother at a store where he had come to purchase sex equipment has joined his colleagues in the Nigerian Senate to demand that citizens be hanged. Their offense, Mr Abbo was crucified and saved  by Nigeria’s mis-directionally active social media. 
I also understand that the leader of the Nigeria’s Senate, Shuaibu Lawan,  will be helpless in defending the people from the hangman. He was reported to have argued that:
Any request from Buhari is good for the nation. We will act on it”. Mr Lawan’s statement is the sharp oposite of his predecessor’s, Bukola Saraki, who said in 2015 that “The Social media bill is dead on arrival” as soon as Senator Ibn Na’Allah introduced the bill. 
I can understand the senate president’s predicament.  There is very little to expect from a person who sold his head in order to buy a cap. We are speaking metaphorically  , of course. Who knows, the law might be retroactive. It has happened before. Mohammadu Buhari had people shot to death for a crime they committed before the decree was passed in 1984.
But ,even though Mr Lawan’s hands appeared heavily tied, he might want to redeem himself by heeding the words of Voltaire who once stated:”I disagree with what you have to say, sir, but I will defend, to the death, your right to say it.” 
Nigeria’s dying and heavily compromised “mainstream media” is conveniently silent even as  the bill threatens their lives and businesses. 
Below is a burst of tweets from cerebral writer, lawyer, Femi Fani-Kayode. 
The Social Media Bill and the Hate Speech Bill are the greatest threats to democracy and freedom of expression in the history of Nigeria. If the National Assembly makes the mistake of passing either or both of these two Bills Nigerians will suffer the consequences for many…1/8
“…maximum dictator is forbidden & where total power is concentrated in the hands of just one man. This is the classic Orwellian nightmare & it is unfolding before our very eyes. If they get away with it and achieve their objectives Nigeria is finished and within a matter…6/8

“..of years we will become the blight of Africa,the pariah of the Third World,the laughing stock of the international community & the worlds largest prison. What a terrible fate for a people that are so compliant,so trusting,so innovative, so resourceful,so resilient &so blessed

What’s more, this  page thinks that Mr Buhari should cast the first stone if has not been guilty of a raft of hate speeches.  Only one example should do .If what happened in 2011 (alleged rigging) should again happen in 2015, by the grace of God, the dog and the baboon would all be soaked in blood.’’Mohammadu Buhari, May 2012.

And Mr Buhari was a beneficiary the following:
1 “Jonathan is an ineffectual buffoon.” Sponsored articles on the so called influential the  Economist

2 “Jonathan is training snipers__OBASANJO.

“I will make your Govt ungovernable__ATIKU.

3 “Jonathan is the most corrupt in the history of nigeria__DINO MELAYE.

4 “One million match protest against insecurity”__ADEBOYE.

5 “Jonathan govt stole a lot of money__PASTOR SULEMAN.

6 “Jonathan is a bad luck__MBAKA.
Monkey and baboon will soaked in blood if Jonathan Continues in 2015__Buhari. 
“7 We will form a parallel govt, if Jonathan won – – Ameachi.

8 “Jonathan is the sponsors of bokoharam __ Northern Elders.

9 “Jonathan is a kindergarten president __ EL_RUFAI.

“10 Jonathan bring back our girls___OBY EZEKWESILI.

11 “The government that failed to restore power in six months is a failure___FASHOLA.

12 “Finally we used Almajiris to vote out Jonathan__KWANKWASO.

Without hate speeches , the following people will be useless to Buhari. 
Yemi Osibanjo 
Adams Oshiomole 
Lauretta Ononchie 
Femi Adesina 
Lai Mohammed 
Shehu Garba 
And countless others who act as presidential aide.
In fact, there is an office where hate speech is manufactured. It is called Buhari Media Centre, Utako, Abuja. It also goes by the name, BMOBuhari Media Organisation.
To conclude, one question is pertinent.  With all the problems and gross failures of this government, why is a law to hang those whose opinions don’t mesh with those of the government’s necessary?
I think the answer is called a Hail Mary in American Football.“A long, typically unsuccessful pass made in a desperate attempt to score late in the game.”The government is very aware that it is not popular. It is actually a bugbear.  And so, if you threaten to hang critics, Nigerians will become sheep and the woeful performance of the government won’t be questioned. 
Like nearly all Hail Marys, a law to hang Nigerians will fail. Everything about Nigeria will change for the the worst. Forever. 

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