Trump’s Impeachment: Nigeria’s Careless Whispers

My friend,Bola, refers  to Donald Trump ,US President, as “your  hero who will soon be impeached “. Bola also told me months ago that Boris Johnson won’t see the end of September.  
Femi runs a not so transparent visa/travel business.  He also boasts about having a degree in microbiology.”Don’t mind that useless man . He will not be sworn in”. When I reminded him in November of 2016 that his tribal emotions were speaking, he got angry. After Trump was sworn in, Femi told me again that he will be “impeached soon”.
Thursday, Yetunde, who says she studied mass communication and is now writing a CV told me that Donald Trump will be “impeached next year”. I was on the phone with a reporter on Trump’s  letter to Recap Edorgan, Turkish President. 
“Why? Are you American “, I asked.
“No. I don’t just like the man”. She declared.  “He is a stupid man”. 
“How do you know about his stupidity and as a Nigerian, how would his impeachment benefit you”.
Yetunde said she is from Oyo state and when I asked  who Seyi Makinde was, she didn’t know. And she also wanted to know if I was Ibo. 
“You don’t know the name of your governor because he is  PDP and yet you know so much about Trump’s Impeachment”? 
“Can you tell me how an impeachment works”? I asked. 
“I don’t understand”, she says. I explained that she should describe an impeachment process.  “All I know is that Trump will be impeached by the people”.  
“You don’t know the name of your governor, you can’t describe an  impeachment and you peddle a paper that says you studied mass communication. Do you still think that Trump is a stupid man”? She looked on in ignorant innocence. 
When Trump won the Republican nomination in the summer of 2016, Woke Soyinka, a Nobel peace prize winner, literature, told the world that he would rip apart his “green card “ if Trump won.  He didn’t dislike Trump but he represented  a government that believed him( Nigeria’s APC). Mr Soyinka knew very little about American politics ,as it  would turn out.
What is the common thread that runs from Bola, Femi, Yetunde and Soyinka? Well they all have Yoruba names. 
What’s with Yoruba and Trump or Boris Johnson? Well, they have been told that Trump and Jonhson head parties that are not different from PPD. They, the APC, are “progressives” who love the people. The noise is spread by Nigeria’s for-sale media. And you’d think that Nigeria’s journalists should know that in the grand scheme of things, the nation is neither right wing nor left anything. Nigeria is a floating ship: any harbour will do. 
It is hurting Nigeria to endorse anyone against a sitting US President. Donald Trump has a long memory and is known to reward friends and punish enemies.  The last two years are full of appropriate examples. 
Nigeria has offended him while he was a candidate. It offended him by opposing his recognition of Jerusalem while a neutral vote would have sufficed.  
Boris Johnson is getting  Britain out of the EU as promised ( Neither Farage nor Corbyn is about to replace him) and Nigeria also made another unnecessary enemy. 
Where do this raft of foreign policy carelessness come from. Well, to start with, Mr Buhari’s government is not exactly manned by Albert Einsteins. If anything, it is the oposite. 
It is accusing Iran of Islamising Nigeria via Shiites while accusing Sunni Saudi Arabia of sponsoring Boko Haram.  Then it goes to China and pledges the nation’s life away completely unaware that even China must play by the rules set by Trump. It is also not aware that Saudi Arabia is a donor member of the IMF and World Bank with the same voting blocks as Canada and only slightly behind Japan. 
When you put together all of this national ignorance, you can tell why the nation is without a single ally for the first time since independence. Even South Africa thinks nothing of Nigeria. 
First floated by India’s  Rajiv Ghandi, the Non-Allign Movement meant that the 3rd World was on the fence when it came the West and the East.  That dichotomy is long dead and has since led to constructive enhancements. Nigeria might help its future by re-introducing history in its schools.  That way, future Yetundes won’t sell ignorance as a bagde of honor. And in telling the current Yetundes unhelpful lies, Nigeria gets more friendless and sink into more painful abyss. 
Donald Trump watches more TV than half of the world’s presidents combined.  He is also a Twitter addict. My point? He knows what everyone thinks about him.

He also knows how to leverage his awesome office. For whatever reason that Nigeria encourages its caged media to spread the news about Trump’s Impeachment, let me counter it that Trump will win a second term next year. And that will be serious bad news for Bola,Femi,Yetunde and Soyinka unless there are also serious changes for Nigeria. 
By the way,  Shehu Garba, Femi Adesina and the entire Nigeria media machine should realise that there is a time to speak.  For an ailing economy like Nigeria, this is a time not to speak.Especially against the powers that be. 

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