Nigeria: DSS Arrests Sowore: Some Say He is No Mandela

Publisher of Sahara Repoters and presidential candidate in Nigeria’s February elections ,Omoleye Sowore, has been arrested by Nigeria’s Secret service. He might have fallen out with Mr Buhari’s government because of his dalliance with IPOB’s Nnamdi Kanu in New York.  He is also organising a ” revolution”. Reports from The Guardian, a Nigeria newspaper,says 
“It was gathered that Sowore was picked up at his apartment in the early hours of Saturday.”

Sowore said on Friday that he was told by a friend that he was under “heavy surveillance” of security agencies.

He posted a distress tweet at 1:25 am confirming that DSS operatives were at his house. A follow-up tweet was truncated.

SaharaReporters, which he publishes, said his phone was taken from him and that his arrest may be connected to his plans to lead a nationwide protest against the government.”

Mr Atiku Abubakar has joined those who condemn the arrest and call for his immediate release.  Those on his side are many. 

But not  everybody is sorry for Mr Sowore , even  those who hate Mr Buhari’s government.  The man is something of Edward Snowdon and Julian Assange made into a for-hire machine.  
It is claimed that his “scoop” about President Ya’adua death in 2010 propelled his website to fame and money.  But he has since curried all kinds of controversies. 
He became a very useful tool in the time between 2013 leading up to  the first election of Mr Buhari in 2015. Mr Sowore was a champion of the Ojota March against Jonathan.  He was an excavator during the Chibok “kidnapping” among other anti-Jonathan jobs. Even after then, he made more money, according to his critics, by refusing to publish the open secrets of Mr Buhari. The president’s stranged and undisclosed illnesses and the raft of corruption by his cabal were wrapped cleverly. He was a member of the government, in one fashion or another. 

In 2018, he announced that he was running for president, quickly forming a party, AAC. He travelled all over Nigerain and West Africa.  In each stump, he would say the most vitriolic things about the government.  Nobody harassed him. 
I told people that he was working for Mr Buhari’s party but meant to split votes with Atiku among the millions who are disillusioned by the president.  Like hiring a known blackmailer, he was not allowed to participate in the sham presidential debates. John Momoh, who owns Chanels TV, a pro-government outfit, knows Sowore. He could come on stage  and upset the apple cart. The reason is simple. Mr Sowore craves attention and he is also a for-sale man.
His occupation in his current Wikipedia bio describes him as a “human rights activist” but his party, AAC was used in Rivers State by APC in its fight against Winsom Wike,PDP.  There was a lot of wasted blood. Those who came to vote for killed.  Mr Sowore didn’t see that as a human rights violation.
The government must handle Mr Sowore very carefully unless the entire arrest is part of a larger charade organised by them with the “activist’s cooperation.  In Nigeria,  it is no longer news when people bite dogs. It’s that convoluted.

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