Ministers List: The Usual Suspects and Some Crooks

“The last time, they just gave me names of people and I signed”, said Nigeria’s president, Mohammadu Buhari, earlier this month. “I didn’t know some of them until ,maybe ,after three and half years “.Mr Buhari said he would take his time and appoint “people that I know and can work with “. 
Well, things didn’t exactly pan out as Mr Buhari wished.  The large shadow called the presidency had other ideas. Tuesday, a list of 43 people ( members of the party) was sent to Nigeria’s echo chamber, the national assembly.
People wonder why it took Mr Buhari two months to assemble yet another familiar list.  Th names are  a montage of settlement.  It reads more like a reward for how much damage you did to Nigeria’s opposition ,PDP. Some were appointed just to spite the same PDP. Then ,there was the usual balancing act of how much of a traitor one was to his people. 
And there was the curious list of those who, only a year ago, were loudly called looters.  More curious is  that those who called them looters and were hired to persecute them are also ministers.  Accusers and accused sitting together is the new quagmire that makes up Nigeria’s next  cabinet. 
What happened to Mr Buhari’s war on corruption? Some asked. And one is forced to tell them that there never was a war on corruption.  
To give you an idea, below is a grouse as expressed by one Nigerian Facebook user. It’s the only place they take their pains. 

These are some of the names contained in Buhari’s ministerial list & their corruption cases swept under the carpet

Godswilll Akpabio-N108bn
Timipre Sylva-N19bn
Lai Mohammed-N2.5bn
Babatunde Fashola-N78m
Rauf Aregbesola-N205bn
Rotimi Amaechi-N97bn
Hadi Sirika-N1.2bn

APC Frauds!…. From Sinners to Saints.
Such is the frustrations of Nigeria.  Gbemisola Saraki, younger sister to Bukola Saraki, former senate president, made the list.  Her main contribution being that she “opposed her own brother ” during the elections.  Rauf Areagbeshola, known notoriously for not paying workers’ salaries as Osun state governor, also made the list. 
Mr Festus Keyamo was hired by Mr Buhari’s EFCC to prosecute Timipre Sylva, former Bayelsa state governor.  48 houses were “seized ” from him. When he jumped ship, joined the APC and fell in line, Mr Keyamo withdrew from the case and the 48 houses went back to the owner. 
Mr Keyamo and Sylva will now sit together as ministers as will Lai Mohammed, the man who shouted looters! 
Babatunde Fashola who earned the moniker, Minister of Darkness because of his dismal performance as power, works and housing minister, has returned.  Why? That’s how Nigeria works.  
Ogbonnaya Onu, former Science and technology minister whose  only ambition in his first 4 years was that “Nigeria will be in the moon by 2030” also made a come back. How? Again, that’s Nigeria.  
Oh, Rotimi Ameachi and Godswil Akpabio made the list perhaps for their ability to forment and inspire violence in their home states.  Mr Buhari lost in their areas.  Why did they make the list? Amaechi had to lest he might not be able to go home. Some say he will accept a position lower than his former Railways portfolio. Some say that  Akpabio made it to spite the PDP. What are they rewarding him for?  
The list also reflects Mr Buhari’s disinclination to include women in his team. But they say that the names were not drawn up by him. 
One huge drawback: The new cabinet doesn’t show a government that intends to improve on its last woeful performance but it rather points out that Nigeria is set to plunge further into the the abyss. 
Another thing: The United States has just slammed visa restrictions and bans on those who tried to kill democracy in Nigeria during  February’s  elections.  Those who organised violence, etc. America’s statement didn’t name names but it looks like some in Mr Buhari’s new cabinet won’t be able to enter the United States. That is one huge administrative predicament.  
As always,  Mr Buhari and the interests he serves  didn’t disappoint.  Nigeria are now used to the worst. Even a cabinet of former enemies doesn’t bother them. They simply don’t care.  It’s that hopeless. 
By the way, Mr Buhari said that Abuja people didn’t vote for him. “Necessary evil”, he called them. And for that, nobody from the Federal Capital Territory made the list. 

By the way, again, how long will it take me Buhari to know the new names on this list? Another three and half years?

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