Regina Daniels, COZA and Sen. Elisha. The School Of Scandals

I often talk about an Indian biology teacher in High school who told me that Nigerians have an inbuilt infinite  capacity for endurance.  He also told me that the trait is not a good thing. They even have a name for the thick skin ( It is well).  Yes. There was a time when Nigeria employed Indians to teach science in its high schools. Past tense. 
The biology teacher has proved to me the most prophetic person about Nigeria. As I have found that they don’t get uncomfortable with things.  They get used to it. And just when you think that all that was about changing, it was for the wrong reasons.
On April 1, “news broke ” that Regina Daniels, an actress, had become the 6th wife of Ned Nwodo, billionaire and politician. In Nigeria, the legal age for marriage is 18 and polygamy is not a crime.  But Nigeria’s social and regular media went to work. The couple’s offense against Nigerians whose basic rights are trampled on by government on hourly rates, is that the man is 59 and the woman ,18. And so, Nigerians who live on Facebook and related media in a bid to escape the incubus that reality has become wanted Mr Nwodo’s head. 
There were demonstrations by “rights  groups” about child violations.  Nigeria’s foremost gossip blogger, Linda Ikeji, wanted more hours added to a day. And so on. And so on! 
It didn’t occur to one of them that INEC, Nigeria’s elections board, was still conducting one of the worst elections in Nigeria’s history.  And before that, nor did it bother them that in removing the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Walter Onnoghen, Mohammadu Buhari was actually walking on their heads and graves. Nor did it matter that it would soon be Leah Sharibu’s birthday in Nowhere. 
In the wake of the news that Mr Buhari intends to take parts of Nigeria’s land for Fulanis use,RUGA, another  “scandal broke”.  Busola, wife of singer Tim Dakolo,remembered that 20 years ago, the owner of COZA, a church, touched her inappropriately.  What a nerve! And once again, the media scene caught  fire.  A set of movements were set up to make sure the pastor, Biodun Fatoyimbo,  “resigned” . How can a man of God  ” rape a child and continue to preach”?  “We must protect young women from predatory men”  etc. 
Last Sunday, muslims even joined in the demonstrations demanding that he stepped down.  At some point, the pastor accused Mr Buhari’s government of sponsoring the protests in a bid to take people’s mind off RUGA. Well, the pastor stepped down. It was a disappointing decision because the gossip machine didn’t run enough. 
And suddenly, over the weekend,  news again broke about how Senator Elisha Abbo, PDP, Adamawa ” beat up a nursing mother at a sex toy shop”. Ahah! NURSING MOTHER? A SENATOR? 
Festus Keyamo, a former human rights lawyer who has now morphed into notoriety jumped on the band wagon.  “What the senator did was a criminal act and must be prosecuted immediately”. The thing about Mr Keyamo is that he never won a landmark case but shot to fame and infamy on the crest of scandals. 
The two million people march of Hong Kong last month was nothing compared to the outcry on the media wave. Some asked  what a nursing mother was doing in a sex toy shop. 
The leadership of Senator Elisha’s party, the PDP put out a statement condemning the act. The Inspector General of police ordered for his arrest.  For some reason, the drama was abbreviated when the Senator “tearfully apologised”. Or so one thought. 
Even now, some say the apology isn’t enough as others named an Iman who  “raped”  a 16-year old in Abuja and nothing happened. This morning, “Elisha must resign” said aging actress, Kate Henshaw among others. 
The question is this: What moves a beaten people, those who inhabit one of the most dangerous countries on earth ,among a raft of other woes to “rise up” each time there is a scandal among the rich and popular? Human rights advocacy? I doubt. Self realization? Oh no. Nigerians no longer know who they are. 
Why do they protest against a legal marriage in which their rights were not violated or bother to ask why Busola only remembered the “rape incidents” 20 years after?
Again, I think the protests are in part,skin deep. On the lips only, but in the main, a way to escape the hell that is Nigeria.  Those they protest against can’t hurt them in which case they are not proper  protests in the first place. 
My younger brother seems to think that the collective psyche of most Nigerians is so deadened, hope so far way ,that any comic relief will do.  How ever comical the relief. They essentially want to be free from the internal prisons that their lives have become.  
I also think that it is because Nigeria is one giant hollow school of scandals but one that produces series of tragedy  of errors as against comedy of manners.

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