Nigeria: Another Bloody Week

Two things will end the daily bloodbath and sheer Hell that has become the new normal in Nigeria. 
First, the government must muster the will that it has a problem. Who created it is totally irrelevant as nobody is really at peace. This will also require it to admit that its approach thus far has been unsuccessful and even have the moral courage to ask for help – even from perceived enemies.  This self-admission must also include a detached prosecution of the war on insecurity.  A criminal is a criminal: Fulani, Hausa, Yoruba, Ibo, etc. No sacred cows. 

Second,  the government must end the blame game. The head of the military should stop acting as public relations men. In 2017, an IDP camp in Rann, Borno state was bombed by the Nigerian Airforce. Nothing happened to those behind it. It was explained away.
The army top brass must stop words such that generated this tweet from Femi Fani-Kayode :
Boko Haram backed by ISWA forces have attacked four Nigerian military bases in the last one week. Meanwhile the COAS, Gen. Burutai, has accused officers and soldiers of the Nigerian Army on the frontline of failing to stand firm and hold the line in the face of the enemy. SAD!

More seriously though,  here’s a look at yet one week of blood in Nigeria. 
June 16: Sectarian violence led to eight deaths in Ardo-Kola, Taraba. 

June 16: Three suicide bombers killed themselves and thirty others in Konduga, Borno. Boko Haram was suspected. 

June 16: One soldier, two NSCDC operatives, and one cultist were killed during a clash in Tai, Rivers

.June 16: The Nigerian Air Force killed “scores” (estimated at forty) of bandits in Maradun, Zamfara.

June 16: The Nigerian Air Force killed “some” (estimated at ten) Boko Haram militants in Gwoza, Borno

.June 17: Boko Haram killed twenty-five Nigerian soldiers in Nganzai, Borno. 

June 17: Boko Haram killed five Nigerian soldiers in Monguno, Borno.

June 17: Herdsmen killed one soldier and three others in Riyom, Plateau.

June 17: Sectarian violence led to six deaths in Ardo-Kola, Taraba. 

June 17: Sectarian violence led to seven deaths in Donga, Taraba.  

June 18: Cultists kidnapped seven in Degema, Rivers.

June 20: Sectarian violence led to five deaths in Ukum, Benue.

June 20: Gunmen killed eighteen in Tsafe, Zamfara.

June 20: Sectarian violence led to seven deaths in Wukari, Taraba.

June 21: Kidnappers killed one and abducted eight in Kaura-Namoda, Zamfara.June 21: The MNJTF killed forty-two ISWAP (Boko Haram) militants on Doron Naira island in Lake Chad; one Chadian soldier was also killed.
This list does not include belatedly reported clashes between herdsmen and farmers/villagers. 
Source: cfr

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