South East And Herdsmen Vigilantes: A Time To Kill More

“The Fulani herdsmen here in the South-East or any other place are looking for greener pastures to raise their cattle. They are not here to bring about violence or to make troubles. So that is why we want to redeem the name and for people to see us as peace loving people. This vigilante we are talking about, we did not say that they are going to work on their own but they will be under the supervision of their host or under the supervision of the Fulani.” Gidado Sadiq, Chairman, Myetti Allah, South East. 
Nigerians are confirming their worst fears about what Olusegun Obasanjo, former president ,called Mr Buhari’s ambition to “Fulanise Nigeria”. The tribe told press people in Lagos, Wednesday, at the ” palace”  of their Lagos “King” that a quarter of residence in Lagos state are Fulanis.
Nigeria’s Vanguard, a spineless newspaper without an editorial leaning even had shouting headline:  “Meet the Seriki( King) Fulani of Lagos”. Such is the vacuity ,if timidity of the Nigerian media.  
It looks like the Fulanis, emboldened by the government, wants a similar formidable presence in Nigeria’s East. In his first term, Mr Buhari’s bid to have “cattle colonies” in all the states was thwarted by the Senate.  Today, he has a rubber stamp.  And so, reports say that he has re-introduced the bill to the current national assembly.  But before that, Myetti Allah, the pressure group for the herdsmen, now propose to have its own armed vigilantes in the South East!  The government is complementing this by the “establishment of Baga settlements  in at least 6 locations across the country “.
The people of the region are livid even with the suggestion. They see the move as a ploy to populate the area with Fulanis in a way that they will be matched number for number in a few years  with the former armed by the government.  What this can only mean is that the government intends to unleash a genocide on the people,  its leaders say.
Most of the brutalities, kidnapping and mass killings  in Nigeria are perpetrated by this group and they seem to enjoy the endorsement of the government.
As the World cup was on going in Russia last year, thousands of people were butchered in Plateau state and Myetti Allah openly admitted to the carnage. They explained that it was a reprisal for the “stealing of 300 cows”. Not one herdsman was arrested.  Instead, Mr Buhari was given a red carpet reception when he grudgingly visited Jos, the capital. 
People of the South East have every reason to fear this latest move and it’s  imperative to their very survival to ensure that this doesn’t happen.  What’s more, the government is disarming the natives while allowing herdsmen to keep their assault weapons. 
One is forced to ask: Of all the problems facing Nigeria, economic, security, etc, why is it a suitable accommodation for cows and their herders a national priority? And why would you want armed groups in the East?
To be sure, the people of the South East won’t take an invasion sitting down. They took on the entire nation in 1967 without foreign support and they didn’t loss the war.  And thus, if the government tries to entrench Fulanis in that region with the intention of subduing them, then Nigeria is on the path of something worse than Rwanda.  
It will not bode well for the South Eastern people but it will also bode worse for Nigeria.  Although, the current Nigeria national assembly will be an ineffectual debating society,  it should be aware of the clear and present danger. 
No government has the right to uproot another tribe and implant them among the rest of the tribes.  It is wrong and it is most dangerous. 

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