Herdsmen Radio: Terrorists With A Voice

Nigeria’s warped government has reportedly approved a radio licence to Fulani herdsmen. Those band of people who are essentially a terrorist organisation. This is coming in the heels of a warning by Olusegun Obasanjo, former president, that Nigeria’s President, Mohammadu Buhari, using Boko Haram and Herdsmen, is trying to  “Fulanize” and  “Islamize” Nigeria and Africa.  
The embattled government is rushing to explain why a killer organisation was given a radio station: The radio is for Normadic Education. They say glibly .The intrinsic fault with this explanation is that education could mean giving information to the organisation that they previously don’t have. How to use assault weapons, for an eerie instance. It could also mean, as people fear, an education to prepare them for war.
The move ,as expected is drawing backslashes from every part of Nigeria. Agbekoya, a farmer/hunter group in the Southwest has told all herdsmen to go home.  The problem is that they have no homes, being nornads.  Ohaneze, Ibo main group is almost saying the same thing.
Mr Buhari has met with leaders of the South South, owners of Nigeria’s oil deposits ,to prevent a declaration of a Niger Delta Republic by June 1. He might not make much progress but it goes to show how low the nation is sliding: in everything. 
Fears that Mr Buhari has a “Fulani” agenda have been rife even before he became president in 2015. He had to lie, as it turned out, that his domestic servants were  Ibos. All military and paramilitary establishments in Nigeria are from Mr Buhari’s tribe.
There is also the troubling news that he also plans to ban ownership of guns even among those  who previously had licences.  This wouldn’t be a problem but the law doesn’t seem to apply to herdsmen who brandish, unchallenged, AK-47 assault guns across the country. 
It is feared that with the radio, Mr Buhari is setting his people up for an eventual violent takeover of Nigeria. Very Far fetched, perhaps. But Mr Buhari is not helping himself against his critics. As always, he is ever more predictable.
Head of Myetti Allah, herdsmen pressure group, said on Wednesday, March 26 ,that “even cows are happy that Buhari won”.
The group is now perceived by some  as an army on standby waiting for orders should Mr Buhari lose at the tribunal. 
Far worse for Mr Buhari’s evaporated integrity is the fact that Radio Biafra, an Ibo outfit, is deemed illegal and IPOB is a “terrorist organisation”.
Mr Buhari will be sworn in for a second term tomorrow.  And the country is in mourning. But Myetti Allah will show up. And cows are happy .That is the sort of woeful joke that Nigeria has become. 

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