Aisha Buhari: Don’t Cry For Me Nigeria!

Nigeria’s first lady ,Aisha Buhari, is in the news again. She is shouting very loud about what is not really news in Nigeria: That the insecurity problem of the North East is a very lucrative business. About 500 billion Naira “spent”  in the region is also a waste,according to her latest cries. 
Mrs Buhari is aghast that $16 million was “spent on mosquito nets”! As if that’s not outlandish enough, nobody has seen any nets – According to the first lady. 
Hear her. Again!
“They have Spent $16m (N5.76 Billion) on Buying Mosquito Nets, I did not get it, maybe some people have gotten it. But I feel that $16 million is Enough to Fumigate Mosquitoes in Nigeria. That’s My Opinion” . 
That that kind of money would eradicate the pesky insects from the entire country may be a well founded hyperbole as it once again brings  into sharp focus the slipshod and rotten way public money is handled in Mr Buhari’s administration .

This is not the first time the first lady is speaking out against interests that she once described as “hijacking ” her husband.The “Social Intervention Programme. (SIP)” a rostrum that is meant to keep some people happy but which lacks budgetary credentials is awash with corruption.  The scheme which the opposition call the “Social Intervention Pipe”(SIP) is the crux of Mrs Buhari’s latest cry. They don’t listen to her though.  What did her husband call her the last time she spoke? Well, we shall get to that but more:
“I met an old man in Adamawa and asked him how much is his business capital, he said N3000 to N4000,don’t forget we promised to give poorest of the poor N5000 each every month. It has failed, I keep quiet on some issues because I don’t want to be accused of raising alarm,I don’t want them to accused me of talking too much.
Of late I begin to wonder where the N500Billion SIP money went to because the said scheme is not working in my State,may be it is working in other State.My husband only appointed A Lady from Kano as SIP Special Assistant simply because of what is coming from the State in terms of votes,but nothing is actually coming from the scheme and the Funds seems to have disappeared.
I talked to a Barrister in SIP who promised me to attend to 30,000 women with N10,000 each from the scheme, up till now,nothing, as a matter of fact,I am not hearing anything from him again,after they will accuse me of raising alarm, talking too much”.

For talking too much, Mr Buhari told the world in London that “My wife belongs to my kitchen and the other room “. That was on the wake of an alarm raised by her about a cabal that has held Mr Buhari hostage.  And before then,while Buhari was in his innumerable medical trips to London, Mrs Buhari cried that there were no drugs, even paracetamol, at the presidential Clinic with a budget in the billions. 
In the first week of December, 2018, with Mr Buhari’s approval rating in the zeps  and perhaps because she thought her husband will lose the elections, she asked “where are the men of Nigeria who have allowed two men to hijack everything”? A video was quickly “released ” which claimed to show it was an impersonation of the first lady. Who could blame the poor woman.
Yusuf Buhari, Aisha’s son, almost lost his life in a motor cycle accident. Those who think there is a cabal theorized that the “accident ” was arranged to keep his mother from ” talking too much”. And that was when she said in London that what was happening in Nigeria (Change) wasn’t what she bargained for.  She won’t even campaign for him in “2019”. 
And those who don’t like Mrs Buhari (not the cabal) say that these occasional outbursts are, at best, perfunctory.  That she’s a part everything that is wrong with Buhari’s government, including large scale financial perfidies. Her ADC, a cop, was a arrested and released for receiving N2 billion last year. They were “gifts”.
And without a job, she has just secured approval for the building of her own university.  And Forbes has named Yusuf Buhari as one of the richest sons of presidents and heads of state. 
Some say that ,like her husband, Aisha Buhari is held captive by an arcane but ruthless cabal. Nobody can prove that it exists but given that the Nigeria’s constitution is all but abandoned and a cagey “presidency” issues order daily, no one can also prove that a cabal doesn’t exist. 
To be sure, Mrs Buhari’s latest cry will amount to nothing.  She will be by Mr Buhari’s side on Wednesday as he takes the oath of office once again. 

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