Nigeria: As A Captain Losses Control

Nigerians for ,the most part,groan in silence and also pray to that “God will take control “. As the nation’s socioeconomic landscape looks more stygian and unbearably gloomy, they still wish that something ,just anything, a deus ex machina of sorts will come to rescue them . From all kinds of ailments. 
Beyond the pangs of an economy in a Depression ( we shall talk about that in an another article) ,security,  or a lack thereof ,is the number 1 incubus of Nigeria .
On April 16,Nigeria’s president, Mohammed Buhari, speaking on armed violence in the North said ” I am the unhappiest (sic) president on earth “. And nothing more. As his home state of Katsina now hosts the daily  killings and perditions , Mr Buhari  “vowed to end banditry now “. As Nigeria’s mindless media reported Wednesday. 
The promise is coming in the wake of the recent killings in Katsina, among other places, in which about 34 people where murdered in 3 local governments. 
“No fewer than thirty-four persons were reportedly killed on Tuesday by armed bandits who invaded three local governments areas of Batsari, Danmusa and Faskari in Katsina State. Locals in the areas said 18 were killed in Yargamji in Batsari LGA, 5 killed in Mara Zamfarawa in Danmusa LGA and 11 killed in Sabon Layi village, Faskari LGA.” Vanguard, a newspaper,said in what is now a routine headline, Teusday. 
How did Mr Buhari react? He flew back to Nigeria from Saudi Arabia. He was on an arcane  “optional ” visit to the kingdom. Mr Buhari didn’t go home to Katsina as one would have expected but headed for Owerri, Imo state to meet with Rochas Okorocha, another hard wire in his abstruse government.  18 of those killed were buried in Katsina  Wednesday. He wasn’t present. 

People don’t take Mr Buhari’s latest vow seriously if only because he is has really now grudgingly accepted that there is violence in Nigeria because his kinspeople are targets.  Mr Buhari appears not to be in charge as his army of spokesmen and women speak at cross purposes.  Some of them blame Mr Atiku Abubakar, who is challenging Mr Buhari at a tribunal, for the violence. Yemi Osibanjo, vice president said that killings didn’t start with their government. And yet some say that “foreign elements want to disrupt the transition”. Etc.
There is a story credited to Shehu Sani,senator ,about an Imam who came to Kaduna to give high profile prayers for the safety of drivers and travellers on Abuja-Kaduna free way. After the prayers, he went back to Abuja on a train. Didn believe in his own prayers, it would seem. 

And in the South South, where the nation’s oil comes from, there are stories that militants are regrouping and want a piece of the action. They are also angry at how Mr Buhari has treated their people in government. 

One such group has even threatened to create their own country effective June 1.
 “It is quite unfortunate that the story has not changed till today, and we are standing on that declaration; we are standing on the declaration of the sovereign state of Niger Delta and we will declare the Niger Delta Republic on June 1, 2019.

“It is a common fact that Nigeria has completely derailed from the path of peace, justice and progress as proclaimed by its founding fathers.”

“As that could not pay off, they removed a Niger Delta son, Mr Mathew Seiyeifa, the most qualified Director of DSS without any due process. Not satisfied with his cruel and selective onslaught against the Niger Delta people, they plotted again and remove our son Justice Walter Onnoghen from office on frivolous allegations without following due process, neither was he given an opportunity of fair hearing.

“It is also unfortunate that after four years of this administration, there is no single viable project executed by the Federal Government in Niger Delta despite the billions of naira accrued to the government from the resources of the Niger Delta as a result of the ceasefire in the region.”

“The blood of innocent citizens is becoming alarming and it is clear that the government cannot protect the citizens, instead they continue to make unguarded statements without recourse to the safety of the people. It is a common fact the country is under siege and we cannot allow it to consume us.”

As the economic crashes further, there will be more violence and the elite will soon be primary targets.  Mr Buhari is not helping himself and Nigeria because there is too much mystery about him and government.  
One can theorize that the heads of military and para-military agencies are untouchables because of the roles they have played in suppressing the opposition in the last four years culminating in their infamous activities during the still- to be concluded general elections.  What we mean is that no matter how ineffectual they are, Mr Buhari can’t do anything about it: They are in a position of advantage, blackmail style. 
As he is not about to change these officers, things can only get worse.  And he will appear more to have lost control of a ship that has all but sunk. 

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