Nigeria: The Ship Keeps Sinking

Reports say that Nigeria has ,again, borrowed $1 biliion for “a hydrocarbon power station”. From China!  And there are every indication that it will default in the payments.  Its leaders, an insecure and petty minded set of mostly half-educated people, don’t know the implications.  Or they lack the capacity to care. They are ,for instance, not aware of what China has done to Sri Lanka and Kenya over defaults.  
Mohammadu Buhari, the man who leads them, finally accepted what everyone else knew to be true. Namely, that Nigeria is suffering unheard of before levels of poverty. And how did Mr Buhari respond: ” The poverty in Nigeria upsets me”.And and the Yogi stopped at his upset without saying what he intends to do about it . Or even ask for help given that he is easily the cause of the poverty via a misgovernment of 4 years. 
Mr Buhari has also just sent the name of Godwin Emefiele, governor of its central bank, to the Senate for another term. No one can be more unsuited for the job than Mr Emefiele given the morass of rash and counter-intuitive decisions that have characterised the past 4 years.  Mr Emefiele either lacks the pluck or the knowhow to advise the government. 
Only yesterday, Mr Emefiele told the nation that there are “rough times ahead “.His dampening inspiration stems from Nigeria’s ever rising population which is not helped by its nearly non-existent boarders.  Nigeria is not able to say who its citizens are. Its Immigration Service is like the government: grossly ineffectual.  The governor is not saying anything new. Young men and women have had recourse to crime if only because there is nothing else.  Very violent crimes.  
Its celebrities, musicians and all ,have also thought out of the financial box . Naira Marley, musician,for example ,is in prison because of what the authorities say “is overwhelming evidence”. His crime  is a type of internet fraud that comes easy to celebrities- Wire. 
Its army of pastors, bishops, Imams have joined the con business. Some endorse the killers of their church members as they seek to earn government patronage.  
Its armed forces is political and one hears frequently the army issuing warning to Nigerians as against its officers and men. 
Its schools system teach courses that can’t be used outside of campus. 
Kidnapping and robbery on popular free ways have long become the norm. Sometimes, vigilantes have to rescue policeman.  Because of the value of Nigeria’s currency what the police earn is a joke and some become drunks and are not different from the criminals they are mean to control. 
Governors have turned brute mafias in their states some of who assault several centuries old traditions.  Some have shut down the businesses of opposition ,completely impervious to the lives of the employees.  Local militias are recruited in some states like Kano ,Imo and Edo State. They extort money from motorists and market women. They only answer to the governors. 
Nigeria’s constitution now exists notionally. In practice  it has been killed by Mr Buhari and his interest group notoriously called “the cabal”. 
Freedom of speech is dead and its journalist and media becoming only irritating noise. 
Nothing is sacred anymore as all institutions have been assailed. A full blown dictatorship is unleashed. 
On the part of the government,  they are woefully unaware that their cloddish foreign policy. No, let’s make that a lack of foreign policy is hurting. It wonders why its crude are floating on the various seas without buyers.  They also don’t know why new visa restrictions by the United States are targeted at Nigerians.
Most people keep saying that God will intervene. I have told them that He won’t.  You can’t change anything you tolerate. And so, leaving God out of it, it will get to a point where things become intolerable. At that point, real change becomes inevitable.  But until then, the ship is still going down. 

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