Tonto : Give Me Oh Lord, New Breasts!

Speculations about possible chemical abuse and more domestic instability are beginning to appear real about Tonto Dike, Nigerian actress who came back to notoriety last month when she gave a bare-all interview about her former husband. 
When the Nigeria Guild of Actors told her to shape up, she replied with a now more notorious f**k you sir. She also announced that she was through as an actress and was now , a pastor. She would have her first sermon on Instagram the same day. 
Ms Dike who describes herself as “controversial”and whose Wikipedia page refers to as an entrepreneur has a new petition. 
On her next birthday, she wants God to do the following: Or in her own words on Instagram. 

“Dear Lord Jesus, I have all I want for now.
“My birthday wish is that you make me schedule and that of Dr Ayo allign so I have my new boobs in Jesus name I pray!! Thanks in addy Lord”
Disjointed sentences and misspellings seem to be her new hallmark.  Her resume says she studied Petro-chemical Engineering at the Rivers State University, Port Harcourt.  But nothing seemed to have stuck. 
Her latest query is not her first knife experiment . She had her bust “realigned” ( plastic surgery) for Five million Naira last year. It appears that the result didn’t restore the stability she never really had.
Before then the third child in the a family of five had, in 2017, reportedly undergone plastic surgery twice to increase the size of her butt with a view to “enhancing” her body image.
Her birthday prayers, an indication that she would soon be undergoing the knife to improve on her frontals is yet another symptom of an inadequacy that didn’t start now.
In October, 2015, Ms Dike practically cut off Britney Spears’ head and wore it.( Had her head shaven clean). She is either still experimenting with the rumoured pharmaceuticals or she’s suffering inside. 
Until the inside is renewed, the former beauty will plunge into more depression with all the knives in the world  (for that is what she’s really suffering). 

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