Bobrisky Is One Step Behind Jenner

When former Olympic champion ,Bruce Jenner,began to feel like a side kick to his, well,more successful wife,children and step children, he did the unthinkable. In 1972 young Bruce Jenner said “when I saw the Soviet athlete with the Gold( medal) ,I knew for the first time what I wanted to do with my life”.And in 2015, he got a brainwave: He “knew ” again what he wanted to do with her life. (These pronouns are not mistakes)
The former macho- man who had been married to three women at one time and another “discovered another side of me”. He/she has ,as he/she said ,”always known about my sexuality ” . 

Then, I put the whole thing down to feeling inferior in the scope and scheme of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.  At 66, Bruce Jenner was now a woman , with breasts to boot. In January of 2017, he/she went one further by having a “sex reassignment surgery” which we think deleted his manhood. 

Donald Trump, who defines gender as how a child was born won’t let Catlyn Jenner ( His/her new name) ride the wave. Those who watch “I am Cait!” are rather more captivated by his husky voice. 
In Nigeria , a Jenner of sorts, Bobrisky, has made two attempts at matching Jenner. I hear the breasts are in place, with cleavage to boote. And the former Mr Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju ( Kings College alumnus) on May 5 ,announced that it is now third person personal pronoun, female ( She, her,hers, etc).

And unlike Jenner, Bobrisky doesn’t fit with a surname. 
And people wonder when “she” will become Nigeria’s full version of Bruce/Catlyn Jenner by doing “her  “own sex reassignment surgery.” 
Nigeria’s now wobbly Nollywood is not exactly happy that the social media star is now an actor. For his,  sorry,her birthday in August, Bobrisky promised to reveal everything. 
I often wonder how the Olympics committee log then Mr Jenner’s file. Will they be shipped to the women category?And will Bobrisky’s documents at Kings be moved over to Queens ?
For both Jenner and Bobrisky, their experiments might be motivated by vainglory but they will always be curios. Both former men still talk like men.
Donald Trump is perhaps right: If you were born male, you remain male. Anything else, is an abnormality. 

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  1. It not just about being a woman. Women get pregnant and have. This is one significance of being a woman. No normal woman will call herself Bobrisky!

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