Tonto Dike VS Nollywood and Everybody

In 2015,shortly after her marriage to Olakunle Churchill, it was rumoured that Tonto Dike and her experiments with pharmaceuticals had begun to take the toll on the beautiful actress.  As if on cue ,she began to ape  Britney Spears( problematic marriage and drugs) ,she had all her hair shaved, skull-style and tried to launch a career in music.  It didn’t fly. 
The marriage collapsed in 2017 and those who are interested in Nigeria’s sleezy pop culture circles are having time choosing which side between the troubled former actress and her former husband, Olakunle Churchill. 
Among the movies she has starred in are “Missing Child” and ” Celebrity Marriage “.It seems Ms Dike is now acting out those parts in real life.
In a tell-all interview with Daddy Freeze, Tonto disclosed in a most inappropriate fashion all that she said was wrong with her former husband.  Too gory to be of any decency, Mr Freeze tried to stop the interview but Tonto is famed for tantrums.  For some reason, she still calls herself a bad girl. 
Among the revelations are that Mr Churchill is what is known in Nigeria as a “Yahoo Boy”( Internet fraudster).  To be fair, Nigeria’s celebrities are unable to handle success especially fame and fortune.  
With all her beauty and wealth in 2015, Ms Dike didn’t exactly pick a homeless Churchill out of nowhere. He was “a big boy”. His source of income didn’t matter.
As for Churchill, the core of his beautiful wife didn’t matter. He just wanted to be able to boast that he was Ms Dike’s husband. The idea was to make him appear ” bigger ” ,well, to the envy of his less fortunate friends. 
I also hear that when they first met, Mr Churchill introduced himself as the son of Olusegun Obasanjo, Nigeria’s former president.  And it might stand to reason that Churchill figured that to keep up the appearances of a ” big boy”  he must explore other alternative means of income.
People wonder why Ms Dike has chosen now to make the revelations.  First, the movie industry is no longer what it used to be. Aging actors are broke. And some say that she secretly envy a former rival, Mercy Jonhson,who is doing well in Marriage, career and business.  
Some say that Churchill took her to the cleaners.  But Ms Dike was never a truly wealthy woman even though her one-page Wikipedia biography said she is ,”a philanthropist”. It was in fact, as 2Face  said, “a game of 2”. Neither overestimated the worth of the other.
As the social media vortex rages, Ms Dike has told the Chairman of Nigerian Actors Guild to “f**k you sir” as the former threatened to sanction her.  
Ever carelessly whimsical, she announced, Sunday, that she was through with the movie industry.  And that she’s now a clergywoman . Her first sermon in a most incoherent thought process is on Instagram. Again,people point to abuse of pharmaceuticals. 
Tonto Dike is an example of all that is wrong with the Nigerian young.  Empty bravura.  With a little change in fortune( money and fame) they suffer a damaging case of “Acquired Situational Narcissism “. Those to whom this doesn’t happen are very few.
The end hasn’t been heard of the social media war. Like I said, Nollywood is broke as $200 million grants from the federal government stopped with president Buhari. They didn’t exactly know how to convert movies to money.
I also hear that Ms Dike has called 2Face ” Father of multitudes”. Looks like the “Missing Child” star is really missing or lost. Again, she’s just a symptom of a larger problem: Emptiness!

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