Huawei and UK’s 5G: Teresa May Getting Careless?

5G ,tech short for 5th generations networks, should have been a routine and welcome upgrade from when the whole cellular thing began with GSM networks. But now, most Western nations are behaving like a band of Luddites if only because China is a big player. It’s Huawei tech giant is already providing 5G for LG U Plus in South Korea although Samsung and Ericsson are bigger. 
Australia and the United States have made it clear they  don’t wish to have Huawei’s involvement in their own networks,  however cheap their services are. They are concerned that China,still an adversary of global magnitude, will lean on the company for information (espionage) as it suits it in countries where Huawei operates.  
But British Prime minister, Teresa May, one of the most unlucky beneficiaries of a political miscalculation -Brexi and David Cameron- seems to have increased her own misjudgments to include national security.  Ms. May has approved a contract for Huawei to be a part of the building of UK’s 5G networks.  A lot of people are very angry with her even when the contract says that Huawei’s involvement will be limited to “non-core ” part of the building. Whatever that means , they wonder.
“The Telegraph story said May approved Huawei’s role despite warnings that it posed a risk to national security by Sajid JavidJeremy HuntGavin WilliamsonLiam Fox and Penny Mordaunt. They have all denied involvement in the disclosure.”
To be fair, 5 companies  currently have the industry nod to build the network: Huawei, Ericsson, Samsung and Nokia.  And the Chinese company’s sins might just be its roots- China.  For all the hopla, China has not somehow managed to give the vibe that it is a nice guy when it comes to business.  Its reverse engineering policy which is state endorsed still makes people suspicious of its products and services. 
Politically, it is an adversary of the West and security experts and politicians don’t seem to find sleep since May’s latest gaffe. They say in clear and loud voices that China will at some point use its edge to spy and perhaps sabotage Huawei’s client nations. 
Teresa May may not be too clear-headed in her decision to approve the contract because experts argued that in the long run, the difference between the “non-core and the core” of a business becomes very blurred and meaningless.  Thus, the prime minister is complicating her own interests. Because there are no foolproof technology to check Huawei ( even if there were any,it will be an unnecessary headache) people wonder why the UK won’t hire fellow European,Ericsson or an Asian ally,Samsung.  Essentially, why Huawei? 
The company has not demonstrated that it plays by international standards and understanding.  It did business in Iran when as a Canadian citizen, it was illegal for Meng Wanzhou,Huawei Technologies Chief Financial officer ,to do so. She faces criminal charges in the US.
Why the rush and noise about 5G?  Well, it’s an industry improvement but one with a huge difference.  For instance, its predecessor, 4G, connects 4000 devices per square kilometres,5G does a cool million.  Huge difference.  Plus the connection time. 
Another worry is that Huawei’s bidding is strangely low in comparison to its competition’s.  Others are not also as desperate to get the contract like Huawei appears to be. For instance, China’s Ambassador to the UK, Liu Xiaoping, has urged Britain to resist “pressures from outsiders ” to cancel the contract.  He implied that the calls are products of  jealousy and envy on US’s part because of China’s “edge”. Paradoxically, the same envoy said that the worries about the project ( about Huawei/5G) is understandable because “the technology is new and is not perfect “.He adds that ” that concern can be managed with trust and understanding”. 
China’s attitude to technology has not been that of understanding.  It was a pariah until Bill Clinton made it possible for them the joint the WTO in 1996.China’s problem then was a lack of trust.  It has not earned enough trust even now.
By the way, Huawei doesn’t have an “edge” in 5G technology.  There were clinical trials in the US as early as 2010.And given that some of China’s own envoys turn out to be industrial spies,  those who opposed  Prime minister May do have genuine case. Beyond the security risks, there is the diplomatic fallout with the US and Australia.  And Brexit is enough heartache for Ms May. And so, she should not get careless. 

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