In Nigeria, Language Should Be a Big Deal. But It Ain’t

Sapir Worph Syndrome says that the language a person speaks and how he/she speaks it transcedentally, shows how that person thinks. That would mean that how smart a person thinks is reflected in the person’s vocabulary and diction. The same is true of the language of fringe people, thugs,etc. 

Science has proved this. Religion and philosophy have.

Unfortunately for mankind ,language is not natural but nurtural.By this, I mean that if.for example,a set of identical twins were raised in a different environment , they would grow up to be completely different people.

Environment plays a pivotal role in shaping the intellectual make-up of a person and in some cases physical development.This starts from cradle.

In Nigeria, for example, there are as many as mother tongues as there are tribes. Their thought processes are as varied. Namely, that the various tribes think differently.
English language is only metal,that is, it is  a language of instruction and being nurtured by the mother tongues, it gets interference.
Nigeria’s discourse therefore becomes an echo chamber for the nation does not think in unison.
More insidious is the fact that children have to think based on the environment that conditions them.As adults ,they are not able to think independently as individuals and of necessity become victims of negative neuro- mirror.

The brain is wired to repeat what it sees and hears often.
Crudely put,it is called ,”monkey see,monkey do,and monkey hear,monkey say”,
It is the reason a tribe,for instance, does not disagree with with itself. And it does more harm than good.

It the reason young Nigerians listen to the same music and watch the same movies. Why? It the vogue.It is also the reason they wear pants on their legs and dub it sagging.

Without any other reason,Yorubas support Chelsea football club and in turn hate Manchester United.
It is the reason an idea is examined first for its ethnic origin and then for its merit, if at  all.

Jews for instance ,are lucky because the society encourages debate even if they share the Hebrew language. First ,from childhood, children are thought to accept an idea only after they are convinced. Even then,the idea is ripped apart for possible improvement

When language is combined with the proper environmental, the people appear to be intelligent. I don’t think it is inherently racial.The reverse is also true.

By the way,the poor stay with the poor,the middle class with the middle class and the rich with the rich because their languages are different .These groups can’t mix because they have different psycho-social dialectal colorations.

Now that the world has shrunken, fruitful participations would require global thought processes. And that begins with the proper language. For the young,what they are frequently exposed to would determine how far they go in life.
For this reason,I don’t think Jews are intelligent because they are God’s chosen people.It has everything to do with language and environmental.

Black Africans on the other hand are not inquisitive enough because of language and  often limiting, if hostile, environments . The cosmology does not reward discussions and true learning. It is the reason they appear comparatively not intelligent. With all the college degrees

A new trend has just been introduced.  Because they have to be reached and complex language style will be in the way, you now have “BBC and VOA pigin”. Nigerians think this is a good thing.It isn’t.  The world has adjusted its tools to accommodate Nigeria’s lack of standard.  Another slant is that its music is a commercial success without good lyrics. 

As the world moves from old industries to “big data”,technology and artificial intelligence, Africa will remain dark because its people don’t use complex language.  The entire syntax and algorithms of computing will shape the world further.  And Nigeria’s  youth who mindlessly consume music and video games will be poor,  left behind, consumers tomorrow.

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