NASS: APC Has a Problem, PDP Will Solve It. Again

Nigeria’s intractablely inconclusive general elections have taken a new but expected twist.  Like a band of mismashed armed robbers, everyone in the APC who fancies himself a Lord, and are they lords,wants to handpick the leaders of the yet to be inaugurated 9th National Assembly. 
Vapidly garrulous former governor of Edo State, Adams Oshiomole, says his party will not “share positions with the opposition “. Dino Milaye,  who has somehow become a brand in Nigeria  has told Mr Oshiomole  how the operations of the national assembly works. He wasn’t exactly polite. Bola Tinubu, another warlord from the South West ,has threatened members who don’t support his choices to ” leave the party “. Other groups in the North have their own plans. And the reclusive presidency wants a rubber stamp in a way that’d make a full-blown aristocracy possible. 

Ibikunle Amosun, governor of Ogun state, is counted as an APC senator. But he doesn’t think the party won as governor and has challenged its victory at the tribunal.  Mr Oshiomole considers this a form of treason.  Mr Amosun has been in the Senate before and knows how to handle outsiders like Tinubu and Oshiomole. We hear that there are images of fake rice pyramids in the social media released ,perhaps by Amosun’s men, in a pre-blackmail gambit. 

In the East, Mr Oshiomole has two men to fight. Rochas Okorocha, Imo state governor, who was supposed to also have been bound for the Senate.  His victory is being challenged by his own party as led by Oshiomole. Nigeria’s Vanguard reported on Friday about “plans by the Presidency/Oshiomole to deal with Okorocha “. Mr Okorocha has threatened blackmail and seems very sure of himself.  Orji Uzo Kalu, a former governor and enemy of APC joined the party last year in a move which people say was to avoid Mr Buhari’s EFCC. Mr Kalu has managed to secure a seat at the senator. But he wants more. He’s also threatened to “join another team if the leadership is not zoned to the East “.Mr Oshiomole’s response to that is yet to be heard. But to be sure, he will respond.  And with plenty of words. But Mr Kalu thinks that Mr Oshiomole being a relatively newcomer in regular politicking will do his bidding. 
We hear that the courts are being compelled to compel the EFCC to open the battery of alleged corruption charges against Mr Oshiomole.  The idea is to keep him quiet.  

We have written an article in which we called the Nigerian ruling party ” Five Hunters and a Rabbit “. When the game is killed,  the hunters begin to hunt one another for the share of the kill. The APC has not, in our opinion, changed. If anything, it has grown worse ,acting more like a dysfunctional mafia organisation with a lot of secrets.  Assuredly, they acted this way in 2015 and played into the hands of the PDP. Those now have a bloc of 43 united senators-elect. And that’s saying a lot. History may just repeat itself if nobody is able to check Mr Oshiomole. 

Here’s how we think it will go down. Nobody in the National assembly will like to have local gods breathing down their necks- Tinubu, Oshiomole and the famed cabal. And so, it will be  the proverbial dog in a manager.  The dark forces will wipe out one another and the 43 members of the PDP will set up an APC front as Senate president.  They will also do the same at the house of representatives. 

And the local gods won’t take their fall sitting down thus, another phase of rudderless government is just around the corner.
On a very sad note though,  it’s shocking that the national assembly is considered a cash machine by the political warlords as opposed to an arm of government that truly represents the people. It’s what happens when the mafia gets legit or appear so.

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