Mahmood Yakubu: Woefully Incompetent and Compromised

Half wits in Nigeria knew that Nigeria’s general elections would be rigged. Even as early as 2017! Olusegun Obasanjo said INEC would rig the elections.  There is a recording of Adams Oshiomole, APC chairman, saying that ” anybody who cannot endure the pains of rigging should not take part in an election “. That would  would be  in the wake of the military assault that was the governorship election in Ekiti, 2018. 
I had  listened to Mahmood Yakubu, professor and head of INEC, make promises before eminent people and the world that he will conduct a free,fair and credible elections. He only stopped short of swearing to an oath. And I told myself that maybe ,just maybe, Nigeria was going to see a real man. 
Mr Mahmood didn’t do anything remotely resembling what he variously promised.  He did the woeful opposite.  And worse.
Beginning with the elections in Edo State ,Ekiti and culminating in what could be a rape in Osun state, nobody took the then looming general elections seriously.  I don’t know why Nigeria appoints college professors as heads of its elections commissions but if the imperative is their strenght of character and probity,  Mahmood Yakubu has given a big lie to that. Imo state governor ,Rochas Okorocha,  for instance, was rumoured to have INEC make him a senator.  At gun point and with Mr Yakubu’s nod. Now, a confused and harassed man is prevaricating on whether or not to issue Mr Okorocha with a certificate. It’s a given when you win an election but  Adams Oshiomole is leaning on INEC to change the rules against Okoroacha. Reason? That Okorocha won by foul means. Who won by fair means in the still to be completed elections for Heaven’s sake?
Mr Buhari ,for instance, has been declared winner and a certificate hastily given even when there  are supplementary elections in Lagos and elsewhere.  
In Rivers, Benue, Adamawa, Kano etc, the elections of March 9 will continue tomorrow March 23. Why? Only a very convoluted Mr Yakubu can tell. He asked the world to assemble for the announcement of the result on the evening of the day after election,February 24.  And anxious nation was put into more suspense when he decleatd that the news won’t come  until 11 am the next day,  Monday, 25. 
In the hours between those times, a whole lot of mess happened.  Members of the APC even boasted that they beat the PDP to their own game. That is, they rigged it. How sad.
Rochas Okorocha has alluded to vast sums of money being paid to INEC by the APC. No proves . And yet! In Rivers state for instance,  what would have been the easiest elections (Only the PDP was really on the ballot) has turned out to be a very bloody fiasco.  Why? INEC stands for nothing and is influenced by anyone who has influence in the APC. 
The fire  that was the 2019 elections is still raging.  Even Mr Yakubu doesn’t know how it will end.  But two things are clear. 
First,  Nigeria cannot lead Africa  again.  It’s not even an equal partner for now! The giant has crumbled, no thanks to men like Mahmood Yakubu. 
Second, strength of character and probity( concepts Nigerians erroneously call integrity ) have fled Nigeria.  Again, thanks to men like Mr Yakubu.  Men are not now to be taken seriously . Promises are just words. Professors  now “profess nothing ” as one angry writer put it.Again, all this being the case because of men Like Mahmood Yakubu.  
As he makes more mess at the re-runs tomorrow, one can only stay back and wonder how deep Nigeria can fall. Anyone who hopes for a redemption is setting him/herself up for a hideous disappointment. Because incompetence and compromise have won. 

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