Rivers: Rotimi Amaechi: Time To Kill My People

Elections in Rivers state, Nigeria’s South South,Saturday, March 9, should have been a milk run . The APC ,chief challenger, was disqualified by the courts and its name wasn’t even on the ballot.Thus, it should have been concluded in a few hours. But no.  
 Nigerian troops where deployed to the oil and gas state to ,well ,kill enough unarmed people, plunder and demolish houses of members of the PDP.  Why ? To provoke more violence just so the elections will either not hold or be shabby enough to be “inconclusive”.  
Why did General Buratai, Nigeria’s head of the Army, give soldiers to Rotimi  Ameachi, who himself is not a candidate, and endorsed the war on the people of Rivers?  Well, nobody is really in charge in Nigeria, it would seem.  And it will also seem that,  everything goes and thus nothing good really goes. 
The people of the state  endured beatings, deaths and yet, insisted that they will vote Winsom Wike, PDP and current governor.  For that ,it would be more bloodshed and destruction of houses, arrests of the governor’s men and women among a raft of other brutalities. 
Again, let’s not forget that the national government didn’t have a candidate.  It was essentially Mr Wike versus nobody. But, again, the show of violence and shame as endorsed by Mr Buhari- he didn’t say anything and what did they say about silence? – reveal a lot that is wrong with Mr Buhari’s government.  
He appears to be too insecure ,or his famed cabal appears so, to such an extent that any man or woman who volunteers to suppress dissent (That will be to attack PDP ) gets not just an approval but the full means to do that. And that includes guns.  It also reveals the sham and shame that was the presidential election .Mr Ameachi’s motivation is sending a needless message ( perhaps to Mr Wike) that he is above the law. You see, the man used to be a very influential governor when Jonathan was president and as power is very harmful to a type of people, Mr Ameachi switched parties and fell. He is now only Nigeria Railways Minister. And a pariah in his home state. 
As much as Mr Amaechi is guilty of all that happened in Rivers state at the weekend,  the federal government is more culpable.  Why did you militarized the state when there was no war or a threat of one? If a state rejected Mr Buhari  on February 23, what makes him think they want a non-existent APC governor? 
I read a statement credited to Mr Buratai,  in the sea of Nigeria’s social media ,to the annoying effect that “civilians wear  army uniform in Rivers “. Of course that’s a lie. Mr Ameachi himself gleefully said that he ” didn’t hear a gunshot”. These are very sore signs of a society that has essentially died. 
Nigeria’s crowd of ” Men Of God” has been very silent about the needless mayhem in Rivers. One of them is the diminutive vice president, Yemi Osibanjo.  Nor has the mainstream media condemned it. Again, it is a hallmark of systems failure. 
When, Sunday, the sponsored anarchy (soldiers blocked off the road leading to the collation center) attracted international attention, Mr Mahmood Yakubu ,head of INEC, announced that all processes about Rivers state’s election be “suspended on till further notice” . He cited insecurity as an excuse. As if! 
What’s truly sad about the entire situation is that very weak people of the South South are the willing agents of the destruction of their own people and land: Goodwill Akpabio, Adams Oshiomole, Rotimi Ameachi, etc. What a shame! What a shame!

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